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DBE/ACDBE Training

Past Events

6th Annual FAA National Civil Rights Training Conference for Airports                                  

The conference will provide training, guidance, technical assistance, and regulatory updates to key airport sponsor representatives, small businesses, contractors, concessionaires, consultants, industry representatives, and other airport industry stakeholders in the following airport civil rights compliance areas:  disability and accessibility, women/minority/small business, and Title VI nondiscrimination/Limited English Proficiency/Environmental Justice. 

For more information, please contact Lori Pierce, FAA at 202 267-0224.

Host: FAA, August 11-12, 2015

2015 DOT Civil Rights Virtual Symposium: Understanding DBE from a Different Perspective

Wednesday February 4th from 10am-11am 


Host: FAA September 16 and 17, Two 2-hour sessions 1-3pm EDT 

Fifth Annual FAA National Civil Rights Training Conference for Airports

Host: FAA, September 23 

Uniform Report Webinar

Host: FHWA March 11, 2014 

Online DBE/ACDBE Training and Resources

 DBE/ACDBE Certification Training

  • To receive a certiciate of completion, view the 9 modules on the NHI website (View here)
  • To reference the training without logging completion, view the modules on our Adobe Connect site (View here)
Online Training Available

Online Training Available

DBE Program OverviewThis video gives overview of the DBE Program.
Do You Need a DBE Program?This video provides an introduction to the DBE Program, describes who needs to participate in this program, and indicates the benefits of doing so.
DBE Made EasyThis video provides further details on the DBE Program, and describes the process of creating a DBE Program Plan.
DBE Goal SettingThis video is the final in the DBE series, discusses the DBE goal setting process.
DBE On-site Compliance Pre Award and Post AwardThis video provides guidance on how to properly manage your DBE program.
DBE Prompt Payment and Return of RetainageThis video provides explanation on prompt payment and return of retainage provisions and how you can comply with the applicable Federal regulations.
DBE Contract GoalsThis video provides guidance on how contract goals are established and what it can do to ensure good faith efforts are made to meet the goals.
DBE Evaluating Good Faith EffortsThis video provides guidance on criteria to evaluate the efforts of the contractor that does not meet the goal.
DBE Commercially Useful FunctionThis video provides guidance on understanding what qualifies as DBE participation and how much of the work can count toward the DBE goal.
Uniform Report This Webinar provides guidance on Uniform Reports for recipients. 
DBE Shortfall Goal Analysis and Corrective Action Plan Webinar This Webinar provides guidance on shortfall analysis and corrective plan of action.
DBE Program Compliance This webinar provides guidance on program compliance.

Live Training Opportunities 


Contractor Compliance 

DBE Program Overview

DBE Certification

DBE Contract Administration

FHWA Resource Center

Federal Requirements Regarding DBE

Setting Annual DBE Goals

Accounting for and Reporting DBE Participation

Certification of DBE's

Agency Specific DBE Requirements

FTA's Role in the DBE Process

Disputes and Appeals Under the DBE Requirements

FTA National Transit Institute
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