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DBE Unified Certification Program (UCP)


First time applicants for DBE certification must complete and submit this certification application and related material to the certifying agency in your home state and participate in an on-site interview conducted by that agency. The attached document checklist can help you locate the items you need to submit to the agency with your completed application. If you fail to submit the required documents, your application may be delayed and/or denied. Firms already certified as a DBE do not have to complete this form, but may be asked by certifying agencies outside of your home state to provide a copy of your initial application form, supporting documents, and any other information you submitted to your home state to obtain certification or to any other state related to your certification. 

The U.S Department of Transportation does not review DBE applications. If you have questions about where to send your DBE application package, please contact the state transportation agency in the state in which you want to apply for. For your reference, we maintain a list of DBE program points of contacts and websites.

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Updated: Wednesday, April 10, 2019
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