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Role of Department Personnel

If the information available to DOCR suggests fraud or other criminal violations in connection with the Department's DBE program, the case will be referred to the Department's Office of the Inspector General for investigation.

The Office of the General Counsel, specifically the Office of General Law (C-10), develops and issues Departmental regulations implementing the DBE and ACDBE programs and provides written interpretations of, or guidance concerning, the regulations, in coordination with the Office of Regulation and Enforcement (C-50).  The Office of Litigation (C-30) provides oversight of litigation and administrative proceedings concerning the DBE and ACDBE programs.

Any DOT office that receives a certification appeal should forward it to DOCR, S-33, Room W76-401, for appropriate action.

Occasionally, Operating Administrations' Civil Rights staff will be asked to facilitate the process by providing information or conducting investigations.