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Information Quality

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and Operating Administrations(OA's) strive to provide web content that is accurate, relevant, easy-to-use, conveyed in plain language, and made available on a timely and equitable basis. Web managers make every effort to review content regularly to ensure that it is relevant to visitors to DOT and OA websites, and to the mission of DOT.

Periodic Content Review and Maintenance

To maintain the quality and integrity of all DOT websites, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) arranges for periodic searches of DOT websites to find deficiencies that must be corrected.

The following categories are evaluated:

Correction of deficiencies found on "Major Entry Point" pages are done in a timely manner. Major Entry Point pages are defined by DOT as follows:

  • The DOT home page;
  • An OA homepage;
  • The root of the level right below the homepage (for example,;
  • Any other page that website statistics indicate is most often visited, bookmarked, or linked to by website visitors.