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Websites and Digital Services

The 21st Century IDEA requires all executive agencies to modernize their websites, standardize and transition to centralized shared services

Since 2011, DOT has driven the web strategy at the Department towards an enterprise, shared web platform adhering to the Digital Services Playbook and has consolidated dozens of websites into an enterprise model for cost savings, increased security and standardization of the DOT web brand. 

After consolidation of dozens of smaller websites into one, single web "front door" to the Department, the Office of the Secretary's website re-launched in 2012 on the new, open-source, shared service web platform.

One content management system platform, many sites

Building on the shared service and consolidation model, the follow operating administrations and agencies have also joined the enterprise web platform - one cohesive design, user-centric, data driven web brand enabling subject matter experts to create content: 

Building on the model

As funding becomes available, the Office of the CIO will continue to consolidate, modernize and migrate candidate websites, forms and digital services at the Department. 

More recently, we're streamlining change as an organization through our IT transformation called DestinationsDIGITAL with an ongoing focus on services consolidation into a shared, secure, centralized model resulting in increased efficiencies and cost savings as well as integral digital governance. As part of our digital services, we are working to consolidate and digitize web forms and applications.  

Web traffic 

Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) participates in the General Services Administration's Digital Analytics Program and maintains an authoritative list of all DOT external facing websites with the highest traffic available to the public at

The top visited DOT domains, including traffic to all websites within that domain in the last 30 days