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DOT Privacy Program

This information is designed to help you understand the the U.S. Department of  Transportation (DOT) personal information handling practices. Here you will find the details of:

  • How information is collected by the DOT
  • How you can access information DOT has about you
  • What your rights are under the Privacy Act of 1974

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Program, please email the Department of Transportation’s Privacy Officer.

Program Areas

Vector Graphic of a policy 


Learn more about how we promote privacy positive practices through our policies and guidance.

vector graphic of a computer monitor displaying a checklist


Understand how privacy risk management is operationalized through our PIAs and SORNs.

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See how we engage stakeholders to promote and understand privacy concerns throughout the Transportation ecosystem.

Vector graphic of a person in a graduation cap and gown

Training and Education

Build your privacy knowledge and understanding.

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Inquiries and Incidents

Submit a Privacy Act request or questions about our privacy program.

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Discover how we use technology to mitigate privacy risk.

Vector image of Freedom of Information Act Seal

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Learn about your right to access DOT records and how to submit a FOIA request.


Other Resources

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Laws governing federal privacy programs.

graphic of government


Privacy guidance for federal agencies.

Vector graphic of a person


Privacy resources for the public.