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Office Of Sector Cyber Coordination

Mission and Organization

The Office of Sector Cyber Coordination serves as the principal advisor to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) on transportation systems sector cybersecurity matters.  In this role, the Office leads coordination, support, and engagement within the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and its operating administrations (OAs), as well as with DOT's regulated community, on transportation systems sector cybersecurity matters. 

The Office administers forums within DOT to develop a unified strategy for transportation systems sector cybersecurity, partnering with DOT stakeholders and other U.S. Government agencies to develop cyber risk assessments for the transportation systems sector.  

The Office directly supports DOT's strategic safety goal objective to strengthen transportation systems' resilience to protect against disruption from cyber and other attacks. In this capacity, the Office partners with DOT stakeholders to include cybersecurity language in DOT discretionary grants for transportation critical infrastructure projects.  The Office also develops informational material and workshops to share cybersecurity best practices within the transportation community to support infrastructure development that is secure and resilient by design.

Led by the Associate Chief Information Officer for Sector Cyber Coordination, the Office consists of three directorates.

  • The Sector Cyber Coordination Directorate helps integrate cybersecurity into DOT policies and programs, working with U.S. Government partners to avoid conflicting or duplicative cybersecurity requirements for transportation sector stakeholders.
  • The Sector Cyber Support Directorate provides clear, written guidance on DOT's cybersecurity requirements for grantees and conducts workshops to improve grantee understanding of cybersecurity best practices. 
  • The Sector Cyber Engagement Directorate manages outreach efforts to communicate DOT priorities and initiatives that support transportation sector partners in addressing cyber risk to promote resilience in U.S. transportation systems.

For additional information and general inquiries, please contact the Office of Sector Cyber Coordination at For questions concerning specific modal and/or topical transportation systems sector cybersecurity issues, please utilize the staff directory outlined below to identify an appropriate contact.

Topic Point of Contact Contact Details
Aviation Cybersecurity Dr. Thomas Littleton
Commercial Space Cybersecurity Dr. Thomas Littleton
Clean Energy Transition Cybersecurity Dr. Thomas Littleton
Information & Communication Technology Supply Chain Risk  Dr. Thomas Littleton
Maritime Cybersecurity Dr. Thomas Littleton
Rail Cybersecurity Ms. Angela Dluger
Mass Transit Cybersecurity Ms. Angela Dluger
Pipeline Cybersecurity Mr. Isoe Doza
Highways, Traffic Safety, and Motor Carrier Safety Cybersecurity Ms. Katherine Rawls