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Innovation and Technology

A convergence of emerging technologies and mobility options are shaping the future of the transportation sector. Transportation agencies can improve operations, enhance travelers’ experiences, and ensure reliable service by implementing innovative transportation strategies. Deploying new technologies, like zero-emission vehicles, requires governments to assess several planning factors, including infrastructure accommodations, operational configurations, and resource management. “Smart” cities and communities leverage planning strategies and technologies to improve the quality of life and the connections between the built and human environments. Innovations in transportation and mobility include:  

  • Zero-Emission Vehicles have an onboard power source that does not emit engine exhaust or other emissions (i.e., battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell).  
  • Micromobility utilizes low-speed, human- or electric-powered transportation devices (e.g., bicycles, scooters, electric-assist bicycles, electric scooters) for short trips. 
  • Smart Mobility leverages wireless communications, real-time data analytics, and machine learning to make conventional and alternative modes transportation safer and more efficient. 
  • Automated Vehicles feature safety-critical control functions (e.g., steering, throttle, braking) that occur without direct driver input.  
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems integrate existing and emerging technologies and system-wide planning to improve transportation efficiency and operations.  

Embracing an evolving transportation ecosystem can be an opportunity to create safer roadways, increased equity, and reliable transportation operations.  


Momentum Toolkits relating to Innovation & Technology include: 

Buses parked in a line with a charging station in the foreground.