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Charging Ahead: How Government Agencies Can Support the Electrification of Private Vehicle Fleets

A Starter Guide to Supporting Private Electric Vehicle Fleets

The Charging Ahead toolkit explores how government agencies can encourage and aid fleet operators navigating fleet electrification. This toolkit provides a roadmap of considerations for national and sub-national government agencies to adopt a proactive and collaborative approach to promoting electric vehicle (EV) transition among private vehicle fleets. Key topic areas include:

  • EV models and fleet types: What EV models are currently available and how do they align with a fleet’s service needs?
  • Working with power providers and managing energy load: What are the steps involved in adding charging infrastructure to existing depots and fleet facilities? How do fleet operators coordinate with power providers about fleet charging needs and power supply?
  • Government incentives: What financial and regulatory policy levers are most effective in promoting private fleet electrification?  

Last updated: Wednesday, December 6, 2023