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Good Governance and Good Regulatory Practices

National, regional, and local governments and authorities have distinct roles to play in supporting a country’s transportation systems. These roles vary from country to country and can involve quasi-governmental, non-government, and private sector partners, as well. Governance refers to the government processes and practices through which decisions are made about shared issues, such as transportation. Governments often use regulations to establish rules and norms around transportation practices.  

Governments can exhibit “good governance” in the transportation sector through: 

  • Respect for Human Rights by ensuring that transportation investment decisions are made equitably and sustainably. 
  • Respect for the Rule of Law by ensuring that government employees, contractors, and partners obey laws in their support of the transportation system. 
  • Effective Public Engagement to empower the public to influence the transportation decision making process to meet community needs. 
  • Accountability to the Public by increasing transparency about how decisions are made and how funds are spent. 


Momentum Toolkits relating to Good Governance include:

People crossing a cross walk, someone on a bike, as traffic flows parallel behind them.