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Cross-Border Mobility and Trade

Cross-border mobility and trade addresses the effective movement of people, goods, and services across international borders. Various government agencies, businesses, and stakeholders coordinate to ensure the efficient and secure flow of trade across borders. Effective border transportation plans focus on connectivity for all modes of transportation to fully support trade and mobility. Efficient cross-border mobility is dependent on a range of factors, including:   

  • Availability and functionality of the transportation infrastructure through which movement can physically occur. 
  • Safety and security of people involved through transportation networks and at border crossings. 
  • Facilitation and operation of associated processes and programs to advance trade and mobility at border crossings. 
  • Consideration of impacts on nearby communities and the natural and built environments.   
  • Use of data to quantify impacts, show the full picture of challenges and opportunities, and help identify gaps and set goals for border transportation plans. 


Momentum Toolkits relating to Cross-Border Mobility and Trade include: 

Cars lined up to cross a country border, border crossing gates up ahead with digital signs reading "all traffic" followed by a forwardarrow.