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Transportation Planning and Project Delivery

Governments seek to design and implement transportations systems that, when adequately planned, funded, and maintained, deliver social and economic benefits. This includes enabling personal mobility and facilitating the movement of goods. Transportation planning involves the development of strategies and policies for managing transportation systems, including roadways, public transportation, bicycling and walking infrastructure, and freight transportation networks. Effective transportation planning and project delivery require collaboration among government agencies, private sector organizations, and community stakeholders.  

Effective transportation planning is crucial for: 

  • Enhancing mobility by providing better access to transportation options for people, goods movement, and services. 
  • Advancing equity by delivering equitable benefits to a variety of users and ensuring that any associated burdens are avoided, minimized, or mitigated so as not to disproportionately impact specific populations. 
  • Promoting safety through setting goals for improving the safety of the transportation system and implementing programs, projects, and technologies to save lives. 
  • Improving sustainability through setting and achieving goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improving the resiliency of transportation infrastructure. 

A continuous, comprehensive, cooperative, and performance-driven transportation planning process allows governments to deliver transportation projects that meet their goals. Good planning leads to good projects that are the foundation of an effective transportation system. 

But good transportation planning process does not stop when a project is built. In fact, operations and maintenance plans focus on preservation, reducing deterioration, and improving functionality to ensure the project continues to serve its intended purpose for years after construction.


Momentum Toolkits relating to Transportation Planning and Project Delivery are: