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Building Great Transportation Infrastructure: A Toolkit on How to Plan, Fund, Deliver, and Maintain a Transportation System

A Guide to Building Great Transportation Infrastructure

The Building Great Transportation Infrastructure toolkit provides an overview of the transportation process and follows four main steps: PLAN, FUND, DELIVER, and MAINTAIN. It is an ongoing, cyclical process with public engagement at the core of every step. 

  • During PLAN, governments work with the public and other stakeholders to develop a vision and goals for the transportation system, identify project ideas to achieve the vision and goals, and select a set of projects to fund.
  • During FUND, governments secure funding and/or financing to pay for the costs of analyzing, designing, and constructing the projects. 
  • During DELIVER, governments use an open and public process to analyze the impacts that a project might have on the environment and mitigate those impacts, design the project to meet the needs of the community, and construct the project.
  • During MAINTAIN, governments operate the completed transportation infrastructure, maintain it to keep it in good working form, and monitor the use and condition of the infrastructure.

Cover Page of the U.S. Department of Transportation Toolkit: "Building Great Transportation Infrastructure:  A Toolkit on how to plan, fund, deliver, and maintain a transportation system"

Last updated: Tuesday, December 5, 2023