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Traffic Records Coordinating Committee


The DOT Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (DOT|TRCC) is a multi-modal group with members from FHWA, FMCSA, NHTSA, and OST that works to improve the collection, management, and analysis of traffic safety data at the State and Federal level.

The DOT|TRCC’s mission is to maximize the overall quality of safety data and analysis based on State traffic records data across all six core systems: crash, vehicle, driver, roadway, citation & adjudication, and injury surveillance. The US DOT|TRCC advances this mission with a dual focus.

Internally, the DOT|TRCC works to ensure that member Operating Administrations provide coordinated, effective, and efficient support for State traffic records systems and analysis through their outreach, training, technical assistance, and grant programs.

Externally, the DOT|TRCC works to ensure that member Operating Administrations work together effectively to better serve State traffic records professionals and agencies by utilizing existing data resources, identifing data collection and analysis collaborations, and supporting the creation and management of integrated traffic records data and standards.