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Technical Assistance and Training

The DOT|TRCC’s modal members offer a variety of a variety of technical assistance and training program that can help States build needed traffic safety data collection, management, and analysis capacity.

NHTSA: Crash Data Improvement Program (CDIP)
The Crash Data Improvement Program (CDIP) provides states with a means to measure the quality of the information within their crash database, and provides recommendations for improvement. It can provide states with measures to address the six data quality attributes. Additionally, the CDIP helps familiarize the collectors, processors, maintainers and users with the concepts of data quality and how high quality data helps to improve safety decisions. For further information, please contact your NHTSA Regional Program Manager (RPM) or click here.

FHWA: Data and Analysis Technical Assistance Program
The Data and Analysis Technical Assistance Program is available through the Roadway Safety Professional Capacity Building Peer-to-Peer Technical Assistance web application here.  Any public transportation agency can request technical assistance.  The program can address any roadway safety data and analysis challenge in a variety of formats.

FHWA: Roadway Data Improvement Program (RDIP)
The RDIP is a technical assistance program to help transportation agencies improve the quality of their roadway data to better support safety improvement initiatives. RDIP focuses on the process and practices used by the agency for collecting, managing, and utilizing their roadway data to support safety investment decision making.  To apply for an RDIP session in your State, click here.

NHTSA’s Traffic Records GO Team program helps States improve their traffic records systems by deploying tailored technical assistance and training based on States’ actual needs. The program provides support from subject matter experts who work with the State’s traffic records professionals to improve a specific aspect of their traffic records data collection, management, or analysis capabilities.

Successful GO Team applications request specific technical assistance focusing on a discrete traffic records challenge or technical training need as identified by State traffic records program managers. States are encouraged to submit GO Team requests that address a specific traffic records improvement need, either highlighted during a State’s traffic records assessment or identified by the State’s Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC) and Highway Safety Office. For a sampling of potential GO Team projects and how to apply, click here. For further information, please contact your NHTSA Regional Program Manager (RPM) or click here.

NHTSA: Traffic Records Executive Training
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration worked with the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) to develop a brief orientation to traffic records suitable for new State managers and executives responsible for traffic safety data. To access the online content, visit the GHSA website by clicking here.