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TSB-2018-05 DOT Annual Transit Benefit Recertification (Excluding FAA)

DOT Transit Benefit Program

BULLETIN #:  TSB-2018-05

DATE:  April 20,2018

SUBJECT:  DOT Annual Transit Benefit Recertification (Excluding FAA)

PURPOSE:  This Bulletin provides updated guidance on the Department of Transportation (DOT) Transit Benefit Program.

BACKGROUND:  In accordance with DOT Order 1750.1B, Transit Benefit Program Policy and Guidance, all DOT employees in the National Capital Region and Field Offices who participate in the Transit Benefit Program are required to recertify annually.

INFORMATION:  The Annual Transit Benefit Recertification period is May 1, 2018 through May 31, 2018. DOT Transit Benefit Program participants must re-certify during this period to remain in the program.

Failure to recertify by the deadline will result in withdrawal from the program.


  1. Take the Transit Benefit Integrity Awareness in TMS
    • *Go to TMS Website
      • In the catalog search box, type “Transit Benefit Integrity Awareness Training”
      • Provide a copy of the completion certificate to your Modal Transit Benefit Coordinator/Point of Contact

        *If you are unable to access TMS in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox please contact your Modal TMS administrator.

  2. Submit the application
    • Go to Transit Application Website
      • Login using your official DOT email address
      • Select “Transit Benefit Application”
      • Select “Certify/Enroll”
      • Select “Continue”
      • Read and respond to the Warning against making false statements
      • Complete expense worksheet
      • Complete the application

You will receive email notifications as your application progresses through the approval process.

Complete step-by-step guides for both the TMS Training and Electronic Transit Benefit Program Application System may be accessed via the web at: Transit Benefit Program Applicant Guide


Question and Answer Sessions


April 30, 2018

Conference Center – Room 4

11:00 am            

May 08, 2018            

Conference Center – Room 4

10:00 am          

May 10 ,2018      

Conference Center – Room 2

10:00 am          


Approving Official Training

Approving officials must complete refresher training every two years. All who are required to complete training this year will be notified by April 14, 2018. For your convenience, bi-annual approver training will also be offered at the TRANServe/DOT Customer Conference to be held on May 1, 2018 from 9am- 11:30 am.

Approver training will be provided on the following days:


May 1, 2018

Conference Center – Room 4


May 7,2018

Conference Center – Room 3



EXPIRATION DATE:  This Bulletin will remain in effect until cancelled.

CONTACT:  If you have questions in regards to this bulletin, please contact the Parking and Transit Benefit Office at (202) 366-1398 or

Last updated: Friday, April 20, 2018