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TSB-2017-01 Non-DOT Withdraw Function in the Electronic Application

TRANServe Electronic Application System Bulletin (Non-DOT)

BULLETIN #:  TSB-2017-01

DATE:  October 3, 2016

SUBJECT:  Non-DOT Withdraw Function in the Electronic Application

PURPOSE:  This Bulletin provides notification of an update to TRANServe’s Electronic Application System.

BACKGROUND:  To assist our Non-DOT customers with maintaining accurate and up to date participant listings, TRANServe is pleased to announce an updated participant withdraw function available to Program Admins within the TRANServe Electronic Application System.

INFORMATION:  Non-DOT Agency Point of Contacts with Program Admin capabilities now have the capability to withdraw participants by following the below steps.

1.  Login to:

2.  Hover over the “Admin” menu item.

3.  Click the “User Admin” sub menu item.

4.  Enter the username in the “Username” field.

5.  Click the “Search” button.

6.  Click the applicant’s name.

7.  Click the “Withdraw User” button.

8.  Select withdraw date and approvers.

9.  Click the “Withdraw” button.

Upon completion of these steps, similar to participant-initiated withdraws, the application is routed to each designated approver for processing.

REQUIRED ACTION: No action is required.

CONTACT:  If you have questions about this bulletin, or would like to know how you’re your agency can eliminate paper applications, please contact your TRANServe Transit Benefit Manager.

Last updated: Friday, February 3, 2017