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TSB-2015-02 Oahu Transit Purchase TheBus Monthly Bus Passes


BULLETIN #:  TSB-2015-02  Oahu Transit – Purchase TheBus Monthly Bus Passes with TRANServe’s Debit Card

DATE:  November 13, 2014

SUBJECT:  Oahu Transit Web Store – TRANServe Debit Card Ready for Purchase of Monthly Bus Passes.

PURPOSE:  To notify TRANServe customers that Oahu Transit’s Honolulu TheBus is now able to accept debit and credit card payments through a new on-line store for the purchase of monthly bus passes. TRANServe will convert all federal employee participants from paper transit vouchers to the TRANServe debit card to purchase monthly bus passes.

BACKGROUND:    In October 2014, Oahu Transit’s Honolulu TheBus launched a web portal to provide better service for federal participants to purchase bus passes. Together, the new on-line store and the TRANServe debit card provide participants with the conveniences of electronic transit benefits, on-line fare redemption and mailed home delivery of bus passes.


When to purchase monthly bus passes via Oahu Transit’s on-line store: Participants are encouraged to make purchases between the 10th and 17th of each month to ensure bus passes are received before the start of the benefit month. Bus passes that are purchased after the 17th may not be received by the 1st of the next month. Additionally, no online purchases for the upcoming transit benefit month can be made after the 25th. Participants can go to TheBus Pass Office in the Kalihi Transit Center to purchase passes with their TRANServe debit card if unable to meet the online sales schedule.

Acceptable Forms of Payment: Honolulu TheBus monthly passes are purchased through the Oahu transit online store using the TRANServe debit card. Additionally, TheBus Pass Office in the Kalihi Transit Center accepts the TRANServe debit card for monthly, 4 Day, Senior and Paratransit bus passes.

How to purchase monthly bus passes via Oahu Transit’s on-line store: Refer to Oahu Transit’s Honolulu TheBus Online Store Guide for step by step screen shot instructions on setting up an account and purchasing bus passes using the TRANServe debit card with the Oahu transit online store.

Further information about the TRANServe debit card can be obtained by visiting

CONTACT:   If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your TRANServe Transit Benefit Manager or the EFM Support Team by email at or by phone at 202-366-9244.

Updated: Friday, May 19, 2017
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