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TSB 2012-08 DOT Annual Transit Benefit Recertification

Bulletin No:  TSB 2012-08
Date:  April 16, 2012
SUBJECT:  DOT Annual Transit Benefit Recertification
BACKGROUND:  The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Office of Transportation Services (TRANServe), requires annual electronic re-certification of all DOT employees (excluding FAA) in the National Capital Region and field offices participating in the Transit Benefit Program.  This re-certification is a requirement of DOT Order 1750.1B, Transit Benefit Program Policy and Guidance.
INFORMATION:  The Office of Transportation Services (TRANServe) will be conducting its DOT Annual Transit Benefit Program Recertification from April 23 – May 11, 2012. Participants who do not submit a completed and approved “Recertification” application within this time frame risk interruption of their transit benefit allotment.
EXPIRATION DATE:  This Bulletin will remain in effect until May12, 2012
  1. All DOT Transit benefit participants need to complete the “Integrity Awareness Training,” located on the TMS training website ( and provide a copy of the certificate to your Modal Transit Benefit Coordinator/POC prior to your “Recertification” application being processed.
MORE INFORMATION: The following conference and brown bag sessions will be available.
Approving Officials/Fund Certifiers      
April 17 - Room E41-247 11am-12:30pm
Meeting Agenda
  • Roles and expectations                           
  • Access to electronic application system                           
  • Transit Benefit Program requirements                             
  • Timelines                                                                          
  • Automatic withdrawal function   
Transit Benefit Participants Brown Bag Sessions 
April 24 – 10 am – 11am DOT HQ Conference Center 5
April 25 – 10am – 11am DOT HQ Conference Center  7
Brown Bag Agenda                             
  • Integrity Awareness Training requirements                
  • Access to electronic application system
  • Timelines
  • Automatic withdrawal functions
  • MARC/VRE/SmartBenefits process
Managers, supervisors, and transit benefit recipients are encouraged to attend.  If you have any questions regarding this training you may contact 202-366-1398.
Updated: Wednesday, March 1, 2017
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