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TRANServe's Electronic Application

For more than ten years TRANServe has lead the way with our Electronic Application enrollment system in utilizing technological advances in processing efficiency and data security to modernize the forms and processes for the Federal Government’s Transit Benefit Program.

TRANServe’s Electronic Application offers a fast, secure, streamlined method for participants to apply and recertify for the transit benefit program. The Electronic Application requires applicants provide mode of transportation, frequency of commute (factoring in telework and RDO days) and the cost of their daily home to work to home commute. It also allows customized routing through up to four levels of internal review before transferring approved applications to TRANServe for assignment of the transit benefit.

  •         Do you want a modern and efficient application process?
  •         Do you want to move away from the unsecure paper application process?
  •         Do you want transparency on where the application is in the approval process?
  •         Do you want a detailed commuting cost worksheet?
  •         Do you want to easily identify benefit splits?
  •         Do you want an electronic history of each application a participant submits?

Partner with TRANServe and take advantage of our GAO Audit proven tools that fully align with GAO’s Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government and validate our on-going work to protect Federal dollars against waste, fraud and abuse.


For more information, please contact your Transit Benefit Manger or the Quality Service and Outreach Office at .

Updated: Wednesday, July 5, 2017
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