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TRANServe Website FAQs

I forgot my TRANServe Electronic Application password, how can I reset it?

If you forget your TRANServe Electronic Application password, you can click the "Forgot password?" link on the login screen. You can use either the "Show Hint" option, to have the system send you the hint you created with your password OR "Send it by email" option sending a temporary password to your email to login and then create a new password (minimum 12 characters, at least one uppercase, lowercase, number and non-alphabetical character and no double letters).

How do I save my password on my Smart ID/Oracle?

Your SMART ID/Oracle cannot be used to store your TRANServe Electronic Application password. You will need to ensure you have your TRANServe password written down or stored somewhere secure in case you forget it.

Can I use/register with a personal email address?

            No. You can only use/register with an official IRS email address:

  • @IRS.GOV

What if I don’t have an IRS e-mail address? How can I register and/or complete an application without an official IRS e-mail address?

You can’t. You must have an official IRS e-mail address (, or to use the TRANServe web application and participant in PTSP. You may need to work with your manager to obtain an IRS e-mail address and/or input an OS GetServices ticket to the applicable area to request one.

How can I complete an application on the TRANServe Electronic Application, if I don’t access to a computer?

You may need to work with your manager. However, the TRANServe website and Electronic Application are accessible on your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. As long as you had/have access to your official IRS e-mail address to complete registration, you would only need to know your login ID/username and password to access the site outside of the service.

What if I can’t find my manager under "Manager of Record"?

If your manager is not listed under "Manager of Record" they’ll need to register within the TRANServe Electronic Application. After they register, they must input an OS GetServices ticket for PTSP Questions & Assistance and ask to be updated to the manager role. Once they have completed both of these steps and their ticket has been processed, you can then go back into TRANServe to complete your application.

What if my name is spelled wrong in my TRANServe application?

If your name is misspelled in your TRANServe application, that means it’s spelled incorrectly in your TRANServe. In order to correct in your application, you’ll need to first update/correct your name in your TRANServe profile. Once you update your name, you’ll need to input an OS GetServices ticket for PTSP Questions & Assistance to have your application deleted. Once it’s deleted, you’ll need to complete a new application to reflect the correction in your name.

The Commuting Expense Section requires the number of days I commute. When I put in my number of days, it calculates the wrong monthly amount. How do I correct this?

When inputting your monthly commuting cost, split the monthly amount between the "To work" and "From Work", then add in your number of days. It will automatically calculate the daily commute cost. The daily commuting cost may not be what you would normally pay, but you will receive the correct monthly amount requested.

I have shipping cost. Where do I add them?

Mailing/Shipping Costs: Use "Other Method" to add your mailing/shipping costs.

Example: If your shipping cost is $1.00 per month

• Other Method to/from Work: Enter "Mailing/Shipping Cost"
• Name of Company: Enter name of the transit company
• Daily Expense: Enter $.50 cents
• Days per Month: Enter 1 day
• Monthly Expense: Will auto-calculate

Will I be notified when my PTSP application has been received?

When you complete your PTSP application, a banner at the top of the application will let you know your request was submitted.  You will also receive an Email from DONOTREPLY TRANServe WebApp automatically when your transit benefit application has been disapproved or approved.

I completed an application to Change/Update/Recertify information (address, monthly amount, type of transit…etc.). When will these changes/updates become effective?

All applications in the TRANServe website require the approval of your manager, the PTSP Office and then the Depart of Transportation (DOT). Your manager has 15 business days to process your request before it forwards to the PTSP Office. Once the PTSP Office receives the application, its generally processed within 1-3 business days but can take up to 7-10 business days during peak season or additional information is requested from the you- the participant. If the application is correct, it will get approved and sent to the DOT for processing. The DOT processes applications within 1-2 business upon receipt from the PTSP Office. Any changes in  your information at that time should be reflected within 24-48 hours after completely processed.

Note: For SmartBenefits users, the increased monthly amount will be available on the 1st of the next month.

What do I need to enter as the "Name of the company" for my transportation?

You must enter the actual name of your transit company, for example;  BART, Septa, WMATA, etc. DO NOT enter “IRS” as the name of your transit company.

My application was returned/disapproved, now what?

Your application may be disapproved be either your manager of record or the PTSP Administrative Office for many reasons. If your application was returned/disapproved, you will have received an automatic email notification with comments as to why. You can go to Transit Application section to make any updates, changes or corrections per the disapproval comment and resubmit. You may also be contacted for additional information or explanations by the PTSP Office when necessary.

What happens when I’m placed in Non-Work Status (NWS)?

If you are in NWS status (furlough, extended leave, separated…etc.), you will be automatically withdrawn from PTSP. When you return to work status, you may rejoin PTSP by submitting a Certify/Enroll application through the TRANServe website. Once your application has been approved (Manager, PTSP Office & DOT) and completely processed, your benefits should be available within 24-48 hours. Note: Your TRANServe credit card should be the same one you had at the time you were placed in NWS. If your card was lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you’ll need to contact US Bank Customer Service as 1-888-994-6722 (TRS dial 711) to initiate the replacement process.

Updated: Thursday, January 23, 2020
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