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Partner With TRANServe

Are you a transit benefit program coordinator?

Looking for a way to improve efficiency, integrity and transit benefit program costs?

TRANServe is the solution!

Program Overview

  • The U.S. Department of Transportation has distributed the transit benefit to federal employees since the early 1990s. TRANServe enables federal agencies to make use of a single established system with effective internal controls over the receipt, maintenance and distribution of the transit benefit to over 200,000 federal employees.

Cost Savings Methods

  • TRANServe is at the forefront of creating solutions to enable our customers to meet the Federal Government’s emphasis on budget reductions and cost restrictions. TRANServe offers our customers the flexibility to determine which funding option works best for them. Enabling them to allocate funds in the manner that’s most convenient for their internal processes.

Audit Protection & Fraud Prevention

  • TRANServe provides GAO Audit proven programs that fully align with GAO’s Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government and validate our on-going work to protect Federal dollars against waste, fraud and abuse.  TRANServe takes an enterprise risk management approach that meets each of the 10 OMB Risk Requirements and offers our service and expertise to all federal agencies that participate in the transit benefit program.

Electronic Application

  • Our electronic application offers a fast, secure and streamlined method for participants to apply and recertify. It eliminates the burden and security risk of paper applications and provides an electronic record of each application that’s submitted.

Reporting Tools

  • TRANServe provides our customers with the tools and ability to reduce their overall transit benefit program costs. On a monthly basis we provide our customers with customized reports to aid in reducing their funding requirements by identifying low usage participants that are candidates for recertification.


  • TRANServe offers the most cost effective option for administering the SmartBenefits program. Program cost monitoring and benefit usage analysis are the keys to protecting government funds from fraud, waste or abuse.

For more information on partnering with TRANServe please contact our Quality Service and Outreach Office at:

Cheri Johnson: 202-366-5700

Updated: Monday, April 8, 2019
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