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ET-2011-01 Transit Benefit Program Brown Bag Lunch & Learn for Annual Re-certification



April 8, 2011

SUBJECT:  Transit Benefit Program Brown Bag Lunch & Learn for Annual Re-certification

PURPOSE:  The Office of Transportation Services (TRANServe), in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration is announcing Brown Bag Lunch and Learn Training for all Transit Benefit Program Approving Officials and Funds Certifiers in preparation of the 2011 Transit Benefit Program Recertification period, scheduled for April 15 – May 15, 2011. All are encouraged to attend. The training will occur on the following dates:

Tuesday, April 26   DOT Media Center, Room 6

Monday, May 2       DOT Media Center, Room 4

Friday, May 6          DOT Media Center, Room 4

BACKGROUND:  The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Office of Transportation Services (TRANServe), requires annual electronic re-certification of all DOT employees (excluding FAA) in the National Capital Region and field offices participating in the Transit Benefit Program.  This re-certification is a requirement of DOT Order 1750.1A, Transit Benefit Program Policy and Guidance.

INFORMATION:  Training Points will include roles and expectations:

  • Operating Administrator nomination of Approving Official (A/0)
  • Operating Administrator nomination of Funds Certifier (F/C)
  • A/O & F/C TMS training requirement – roles and expectations
  • Access to E-app system
  • Program Requirements
    • Proper certification of Applicant/Employee
    • Use of Mode and Org Seg
    • Verification of Transit Benefit Program Training in TMS
  • Interpretation of 6 Month Activity Report
  • Timelines
  • Automatic Withdrawal Function

If you have any questions regarding this training, you may contact M73 Internal Controls Officer Vikkey Owens at  

EXPIRATION DATE:  This Bulletin will remain in effect until canceled.

Last updated: Friday, March 3, 2017