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The Best SmartBenefits Option: TRANServe

TRANServe leads innovation and transit benefit program cost savings for Federal agencies.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) partners with TRANServe to provide SmartBenefits for federal employees of the agency.

Recently, FEC was recognized by Commuter Connections in its Federal Employee Transportation Coordinators Newsletter for the exceptional savings experienced through conversion to TRANServe’s electronic application and transit benefit system of record.  According to FEC’s Director of Human Resources, during the first half of Fiscal Year 2018, FEC has already realized more than $100,000 in overall transit benefit program cost reductions.

Congratulations Federal Election Commission!

To learn how TRANServe can improve your agency’s transit benefit program, please contact the Quality Service and Outreach Office at .

Click on the link below to read the newsletter article.

Federal Employee Transportation Coordinators Newsletter

Updated: Thursday, July 5, 2018
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