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NEW TRANServe Cards Are Here!

The new TRANServe Card brings a more secure efficient solution to transit benefit delivery and use.  New security features incorporate Pin & Chip technology to protect each participant’s transaction activity. The 5 year card life improves efficiency by reducing card mailings, distributions, and replacements. The new TRANServe Card has also enabled more funding options during the benefit cycle and gives Program Offices the ability to temporarily suspend and quickly re-activate cards.   

Implementing these improvements is helping TRANServe enhance customer service while maintaining proven processes that are important to you. For example, the funding and sweep cycles will remain on the 10th of each month, transit providers nationwide are still able to easily accept and process payments, and the same strong controls are in place to safeguard the card from misuse, ensuring the benefit is only used for home to work commuting purposes.

What’s New?

  • MetaBank replaced J.P. Morgan as Treasury’s financial agent bank.    

  • Simplified Activation: Now participants only need their card number and the 3- digit CVV code located on the back of the TRANServe Card to complete activation.

1. Participants must activate their new TRANServe Card by calling MetaBank/First Data’s Customer Service at 1-800-341-6700 with the following information:

  • TRANServe Card number
  • 3-digit CVV code (located on the back of the TRANServe Card)
  • Each cardholder creates their own unique PIN number. After initial PIN setup, the automated dial-in system only accepts this PIN as authentication. Additional authentication items are not required.
  • Transit Benefit Program Participants are NEVER required to provide any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) when activating the TRANServe Card.

2. Participants who use online payments with transit authorities or vanpool companies must update their payment information with the replacement card information immediately.

  • Additional Funding Dates: The TRANServe Card now funds four times each month to more quickly provide funds to new enrollees.

  • PIN and Chip Technology:  Chip and PIN Visa cards together with chip-enabled terminals make a secure transaction system even more secure by validating both the card and the cardholder electronically.

What Hasn’t Changed?

  • New TRANServe Cards are restricted by Merchant Category Code (MCC). The helps prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

  • Activation does NOT require any Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • TRANServe Cards continue to fund on the 10th of each month.

  • WMATA users continue to use SmartBenefits®.

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Still have questions? Please refer them to your Transit Benefit Manager.

For your convenience, some FAQs are also listed below.


1. How to activate the TRANServe Card?

Participants activate their TRANServe Card by dialing the Customer Service number located on the back of the card (1-800-341-6700, 1-800 341-8300 for the hearing impaired). The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system will lead them through the automated process. When calling to activate the TRANServe Card, participants must be prepared to answer security questions and set a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Transit Benefit Program Participants are NOT required to provide any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) when activating the TRANServe Card.   Participants    will only need their TRANServe Card number, the 3-digit CVV code (located on the back of the TRANServe Card) and must be prepared to set a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

2. What is a PIN and when do I use it?

The PIN is a four-digit number that the participant creates to access their account online. The PIN should be kept in a secure location and not revealed to anyone. Use the PIN to:

  • Check balance
  • Review transaction history
  • Change PIN 
  • Contact Customer Service


1. How can participants check their TRANServe Card balance?

Participants can check their account information by calling Customer Service (1-800-341-6700, 1-800 341-8300 for the hearing impaired). They will need their card number and PIN.

2. What if a participant’s TRANServe Card is not accepted?

If a participant is attempting to use the card at a Transit Authority and the card is not accepted, the participant should contact Customer Service (1-800-341-6700, 1-800 341-8300 for the hearing impaired).

3. What should participants do in the event of a lost, stolen, or damaged TRANServe Card?

If a card is lost, stolen, or damaged, the participant should immediately notify Customer Service (1-800-341-6700, 1-800 341-8300 for the hearing impaired) to initiate the card replacement process.


1. How does a participant get a replacement TRANServe Card in the event of a lost or stolen card?

Participants must contact Customer Service (1-800-341-6700, 1-800 341-8300 for the hearing impaired) immediately to initiate the replacement card process.

2. How long does it take for a participant to receive a replacement card?

Once the participant has contacted Customer Service and ordered a replacement card, the agency Point of Contact should receive the card within five calendar days. 

3. How is the replacement card activated?

Participants must contact Customer Service (1-800-341-6700, 1-800 341-8300 for the hearing impaired) to activate the new card. They will need to provide the card number and the Card Verification Value (CVV2).

4. Will the replacement card have a new card number?

Yes, the replacement card will be issued with a new card number.  Participants who use online payments must update their transit provider's payment information with the new card number and expiration date.

Each participant gets a NEW card number and must update their Van Pool operators and Transit Providers that store this information as soon as card is received to ensure successful transaction processing.

5. How long can I continue to use my existing JP Morgan card?

Existing J.P. Morgan cards are obsolete.  Attempts to use them will result in declined transactions. JP Morgan card should be destroyed.

6. When the participant receives the replacement card, will they be prompted to create a new PIN? Will they have to change their PIN?

No, the PIN  is part of their Metabank account and remains the same.

7. If a replacement card has inaccurate information (e.g. wrong name, misspelling) how is this corrected?

Participants should inform the agency POC to contact their TRANServe Transit Benefit Manager.  TRANServe update the information provided in the participant's transit benefit program records. Once the participant’s records are correct, the participant can request a card replacement by calling Customer Service (1-800-341-6700, 1-800 341-8300 for the hearing impaired). 

While corrections are being made, the participant may usually continue to use the inaccurate card as payment. 

Updated: Thursday, October 26, 2017
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