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DOT Transit Recertification Reference Guide

Submission Period April 6th – May 8th

(Submissions before April 6th will not be considered for the annual recertification period)

TMS Training

All applicants must complete the “Transit Benefit Integrity Awareness Training” in TMS

before your application can be approved. Please Visit:  Link to TMS login screen

Application Process

1.   Log In at:  TranServe Transit Application Login Screen

              a.   Username is your work e-mail address (

              b.   Forgot your Password? Select “Forgot Password?” link to have a default password sent to your work e-mail address.

2.   From main menu select “Transit Benefit Application”

3.   New menu appears select “Certify/Enroll” then select “Continue”

4.   Select “I Agree” to the certification statement to continue with the Transit Benefit application process.

5.   From the “Reason for Certification” drop down menu select “Annual Certification/Recertification”.

Note: If you do not select the “Annual Certification/Recertification” option your application will not be considered for the annual recertification period.

6.   After selecting your reason for certification you must “select your transportation methods”

Note: More than one box can be selected to accommodate various methods of transportation used.

7.   Complete the following remaining portions of the application

              a.   Civilian/Military & Work Status

              b.   Methods of Transportation Both to and from work

              c.   Daily Expense

              d.   Days Per Month

                   Note: Account for scheduled Telework/AWS days when calculating “days per month”

              e.   Identifier (Last four of Social Security Number)

              f.    Work Phone

              g.   Common Identifier: Fist initial of first name with entire last name (JDOE)

              h.   Agency/Mode i.  Region

               j.    Admin

              k.   Work Information 

               l.    Residence Information

8.   Select “Continue…”

9.   Congratulations! You have completed your annual recertification application. E-mail notifications will be sent after each level of approval. There is nothing further you need to do. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Parking Transit Office at 202-366-1398 or via e-mail .

Last updated: Monday, February 6, 2017