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Lists of Significant DOT Guidance Documents

Agency Web Site Lists

In accordance with OMB’s Guidance Bulletin, each DOT operating administration and OST has created a Web site where the agency provides a list with information about all of its significant guidance documents that are currently in effect.  You may access those lists by clicking on the links provided below.  [Note that some of the lists are not completed yet.]

Information on the Lists

The lists contain links to the actual guidance document and provide information on whether the guidance document has been issued, revised, or withdrawn during the past year.

Along with each list, the agency provides information on how the public can review a guidance document that cannot reasonably be made available through the Internet.  This notice is included in the list itself, in parentheses under the document name.  In addition, here is a list of significant guidance documents issued since January 1, 2008.

Posting, Updating, and Highlighting

  • Documents Posted.  All significant DOT guidance documents that are currently in effect are posted and listed on our Web sites.

  • List Updates.  New significant guidance documents or revisions to, or withdrawals of, existing documents will be added to or noted on the list within 30 days of issuance by the agency.  A significant guidance document on the list that has been added, revised, or withdrawn, will be highlighted in yellow on the list for the remainder of the calendar year and through the next year to help the public identify documents with those changes.  At the end of the first full calendar year, the highlighting will be removed and any withdrawn document will be deleted from the list.  The revision information will remain; subsequent revisions will be added underneath the earlier information.


We have created a docket in the Department's portion of the Federal Docket Management System (FDMS) in which we will place each annual update to the lists.  If you are interested in receiving an email notification when we place the updated list in the docket, click the link above to go to the FDMS home page where you will find a tool that will enable you to search for dockets.  Enter docket no. DOT-OST-2007-0113, and this will take you to the docket where you can follow the instructions to sign up for the "notification."  In the "notification" page, check the box for "other."  If you need additional information regarding how to subscribe to receive notifications, click on "help" and go to number 9, "notifications."

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