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Information on Guidance

This section of the Web site provides information about DOT guidance documents and requirements concerning our use of them.  This section includes information on:

Explanation of the term “guidance” and related documents.
Description of the various types of documents that the Department of Transportation (DOT) issues that could provide information on our interpretation of, or policy concerning, our rules, statutes, or technical issues.
This memorandum, "Review and Clearance of Guidance Documents," clarifies and updates the Department's process for the review and clearance of guidance documents.  
Information about and links to each DOT operating administration and OST Web site where the agency provides a list with information about all of its significant guidance documents that are currently in effect.
Procedures for public feedback or comments on any DOT guidance documents.
The name and contact information for public complaints that DOT agencies are not complying with requirements concerning significant guidance or that the agencies are treating a significant guidance document as a binding requirement.
Updated: Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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