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OST Form 4509 – Application For Foreign Aircraft Permit Or Special Authorization Under Part 375

About this Document

Some foreign companies may want to provide charter operations to the United States on only an occasional basis and do not offer their services to the general public.  Rather than having to apply for an exemption/permit as outlined above, these types of operations may meet the regulatory criteria set forth in 14 CFR Part 375.  Application procedures are outlined in Part 375 and additional information regarding these types of occasional planeload charters can be found here. 

Part 375 also includes information on application procedures for agricultural and industrial operations, commonly referred to as specialty air services.  For Mexican and Canadian specialty air service operators, please consult our NAFTA handbook and Order 97-7-3 to determine if the operations may already be authorized. Applications can be submitted using OST Form 4509 or in narrative format.

Last updated: Thursday, August 9, 2012