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Office of International Aviation Staff Contacts

Contact Us

Office of International Aviation Staff Contact List
Name Title Phone Email
Ben Taylor Director 202-366-1213
Tameka Covington Administrative Assistant 202-366-2423
Jeffrey Gaynes Assistant Director for Regulatory Affairs 202-366-2424
VACANT Assistant Director for Negotiations N/A N/A
Pricing and Multilateral Affairs Division
Esta Rosenberg Division Chief 202-366-0572
Bernice Gray Analyst 202-366-2418
Della Davis Analyst 202-366-2432

U.S. and Foreign Air Carrier Licensing Divisions

Brett Kruger Division Chief,  U.S. Air Carrier Licensing/Special Authorities 202-366-8025
Robert Finamore Division Chief, Foreign Air Carrier Licensing 202-366-2405
Catherine Brown Analyst 202-366-2390
Darren Jaffe Analyst 202-366-2512
David Christofano Analyst 202-366-0584
Shelita Johnson Analyst 202-366-1226
Special Authorities Division
Reather Flemmings Analyst 202-366-1865
Negotiations Division
Kristen Gatlin Senior Negotiator 202-366-2380
Joe Landart Negotiator 202-366-8161
Tricia Kubrin Negotiator 202-366-2428
Other Important Numbers
Fax   202-366-3694