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How to Become a Commuter Air Carrier

About this Document

This packet contains information on how to obtain a Commuter Air Carrier Authorization from the Department.

A commuter air carrier is defined under section 298.2(e) of the Department’s Regulations as an air carrier which:

  1. Operates “small aircraft,” i.e., those with an original design capacity of 60 or fewer seats, and
  2. Carries passengers on at least five round-trip flights per week on at least one route between two or more points according to published flight schedules which specify the times, days of the week, and places between which they are performed.

Section 41738 of the Statute and section 298.21(d) of the Department’s Regulations require that anyone operating or proposing to operate scheduled passenger service to an “eligible point” as a commuter air carrier must first be found “fit, willing, and able” to provide such service. This “fitness” requirement is in addition to the registration, insurance, and reporting requirements for commuters contained in Parts 298 and 205 of the Department's Regulations (copies of which may be found in Part III of this packet). New commuter air carriers may not hold out or conduct scheduled passenger service unless and until they have been found fit by the Department.

Regulatory Topic: Aviation Policy
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Effective Date: Friday, August 10, 2012