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Decarbonizing the Maritime Shipping Industry

A Starter Guide to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Maritime Shipping

Cover of the U.S. Department of Transportation toolkit “Decarbonizing the Maritime Shipping Industry:  Starter Guide to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Maritime Shipping.”The Decarbonizing the Maritime Shipping Industry toolkit provides a suite of strategies and approaches to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from maritime shipping (moving cargo along inland waterways, coastal, or sea routes).

It aims to help government agency decision-makers:

  • Better understand what maritime shipping is and why decarbonization of this sector is important;
  • Identify stakeholders (players) and their roles in maritime shipping;
  • Identify key maritime shipping-related decarbonization policies and why they matter; and
  • Better understand strategies that agencies can take (in collaboration with others) to support decarbonizing the maritime shipping sector.

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Last updated: Friday, December 8, 2023