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Security Policy and Plans Division

The Policy and Plans division develops DOT policy and coordinates DOT participation in interagency policy development related to intelligence, security, and all aspects of all-hazards preparedness. The Division coordinates DOT-wide interaction with the National Security Council and its interagency policy committees. The Division also leads DOT’s service as co-lead of the Transportation Sector-Specific Agency, serves as the Secretary’s public health advisor, and is focal point for both Departmental and interagency response and recovery planning. The Associate Director also administers the DOT Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) allocation process in coordination with the National Response Program Manager and DOD Transportation Command staff, and the OST Office of the Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs.

Partner Agencies:

  • Homeland Security Council
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Health and Human Services, and
  • Other Federal agencies regarding policy issues relating to intelligence, security, and emergency response


  • DOT Operating Administrations
  • Office of the Secretary of Transportation Offices
  • Department of Homeland Security,
  • White House National Security Council, and
  • Other interagency partners

Major Projects:

  • DOT liaison with White House Policy Groups
  • National Preparedness/Presidential Policy Directive-8
  • Critical infrastructure/Presidential Policy Directive-21
  • Transportation Systems Sector co-Sector Specific Agency responsibilities
  • Civil Reserve Air Fleet Allocations
  • Defense Production Act
  • Emergent issues (i.e., Ebola Virus Disease)
  • Public Health
Updated: Thursday, August 11, 2016
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