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Business Services and Administration

This program supports the Office in the areas related to Financial Management, including budget development and implementation, financial management, acquisitions, and implementation of the Federal Manager’s Financial Integrity Act.  This program also provides administrative management of the office activities, which includes records management, inventory control, travel documents review and approval, and all issues related to facility management.  It also formulates, develops and implements administrative policies, procedures, techniques, systems and methods for application of departmental programs.  Further, this staff provides the interface with Human Resources staff on matters related to hiring, performance agreements, time and attendance, payroll and other personnel issues.  In addition to day-to-day responsibilities, this program has a major role in supporting Emergency Response Function #1 under the National Response Framework.  Following a disaster, this Staff is responsible for conducting the finance administration function required under the National Incident Management System. 

Partner Agencies:

  • DOT Office of the Secretary for Budget, Administration and Policy
  • DOT Operating Administrations
  • Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency


  • DOT Emergency Response Team
  • Emergency Coordinators
  • Regional Emergency Transportation Coodinators and Representatives

Major Projects:

  • Strategic financial planning for the current FY Budget allocation and for the next FY Budget cycle which begins annually in mid-April.
  • Preparation for serving ESF-1 in management of the finance administration function if required during the annual hurricane season.


Last updated: Friday, January 30, 2015