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Intelligence Division

The Intelligence Division is responsible for providing all-source intelligence products to the Secretary of Transportation and his/her principal staff as well as the Department of Transportation (DOT) Operating Administrators ensuring they are apprised of current developments and long range trends in international terrorism; global and international topics concerning aviation, trade, transportation markets, trade agreements and related topics in international cooperation and facilitation.  In addition to providing intelligence support to the Secretary and principal staff, and the Operating Administrators, the Intelligence Division supports a number of other DOT consumers of intelligence.

Partner Agencies

  • Director of National Intelligence
  • Program Manager for Information Sharing
  • National Intelligence Agencies, and
  • Law Enforcement Agencies.


  • Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Office of the Secretary of Transportation
  • Operating Administrators
  • Operating Administration Program Offices.

Program Components:

Analysis and Production:  Analysis and production is the core focus area of the Intelligence Division.  Application of the full intelligence process is used by Intelligence Division career intelligence analyst to identify customer’ s information requirements, execute processes to gather and assess relevant information, and develop and deliver tailored products to meet the customer’s requirements and aide in DOT senior leader decision-making processes.

Information Sharing:  Critical to any successful intelligence process is the ability to acquire and assess all relevant information.  The Intelligence Division, as the primary point of contact of the Director of National Intelligence’s recognized DOT Federal Intelligence Coordination Office (FICO), executes an integral role in liaisoning and coordinating with the Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities, as well as other federal agencies.  These actions ensure DOT’s information needs are identified and responded to through mutually supporting information sharing efforts and achieved through participation in interagency meetings and conferences and direct liaison and coordination activities as required.   

Insider Threat and Counterintelligence:  While the Intelligence Division plays an integral role in gathering information needed to support DOT’s mission, it also leads efforts to protect against potential threats that may result in the loss of that information.  The Intelligence Division is the lead office for establishment and execution of the DOT Insider Threat Program which seeks to prevent the loss of national security information as well as support other DOT Offices seeking to ensure the safety and security of all DOT personnel, facilities and resources.

Major Projects:

  • Products and Briefings: Develop, deliver, and share scheduled and ad hoc products and briefings to the Secretary, other senior DOT officials and customers, and partner agencies.
  • Intelligence Community Coordination: Collaborate and coordinate with U.S. government Intelligence Community (IC) through meetings and community outreach.
  • Exercise Preparation and Participation:  Provide intelligence support and analysis in performance of the Department’s participation in major exercises.
  • Incident Response:  Performs analytical and coordination functions with the IC and law enforcement community required by the incident at hand, or as tasked by the Secretary and other Department principals.
  • Work Groups, Committees, and Task Forces: Represents DOT on a wide range of Working Groups, Committees, and Task Forces dealing with intelligence and security issues.