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SS4A Pre-Application Action Plan Review

New This Year

Eligible entities that are planning to submit an Implementation Grant application may submit their Action Plan(s) for pre-application review so that USDOT may affirm or provide details regarding whether the Action Plan meets the eligibility requirements to apply for an Implementation Grant.

Each applicant may request only one Action Plan review. Complete pre-application submissions must be received by April 17, 2024.

Planning and Demonstration Grant applicants are not eligible for pre-application reviews.

How to Request a Review

To request a pre-application review of your Action Plan(s):

  • Email with the following materials:
  • In the email subject line, write “Implementation Grant Eligibility Review: Applicant Name” and include the applicant’s name and State.
    • E.g., Implementation Grant Eligibility Review: City of Springfield, OH

Deadline for Optional Pre-Review

Applicants interested in taking advantage of the Action Plan pre-review must submit all relevant materials by April 17, 2024.

USDOT expects to respond to the applicant within 2 business weeks of receipt.

USDOT will not pre-review full application materials nor provide feedback on the quality of the overall application but will provide feedback about each of the required elements in the Self-Certification checklist.

Pre-application review is not required to apply for an SS4A grant.