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Veteran Employment Initiative

President Obama's Order 13518 on the Employment of Veterans in the Federal Government established the Veterans Employment Initiative to increase the number of veterans employed by the Federal Government through "proactive" recruitment initiatives, programs, strategies, partnerships, and skills development and training.

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Announcing DOT Veteran’s Council!

DOT has established its first Veterans Council (DVC). The council is designed to support both current veterans and transitioning service men and women.  DOT welcomes multifaceted professional and technical knowledge, the skill sets of potential veteran employees, and is committed to hire those who have served our Nation.  Military servicemen and women have made the ultimate sacrifices to serve our country, and it is in that same spirit of service that we are privileged and honored to open our doors to support our military servicemen and women and their families’ career aspirations. 

DOT Creates Portal for Veterans Seeking to Transition to Transportation Jobs
Many veterans already have the skills that would allow them to transition to this industry. The new site, and partnership between DOT and Veterans Affairs (VA), guides veterans to jobs in five categories:  aviation pilot, aviation maintenance technician, air traffic controller, commercial motor vehicle driver, and emergency medical services.

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Updated: Monday, August 12, 2019
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