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Pay and Benefits

"A man and woman hiring panel congratulate a new hire"


Compensation “pay” for job opportunities within the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is determined by the pay plan under which the position is classified. Most DOT job opportunities are classified under the General Schedule (GS) or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pay system.


  • The General Schedule is made up of 15 grades with 10 steps within each grade. Pay varies by geographic location depending on the locality pay rate for the official duty station.
  • The FAA has a variety of pay plans within their system to include pay for performance opportunities and broad pay bands.

Compensation incentives that may be available, as applicable and if funding is available, include:

Work Schedules

DOT provides a variety of work scheduling options to promote work-life balance and assist employees in meeting both professional and personal needs.

  • Alternative Work Schedules to include Flexible, Compressed, and Maxiflex Work Schedules.
  • Telework and Remote Work, based on positions.


  • Paid Holidays - A total of 11 days - annually
  • Annual leave (vacation days) 1-3 years of creditable service = 13 days; 4-15 years = 20 days; 15+ years = 26 days
  • Sick Leave - 13 days - annually
  • Leave Sharing Programs – Voluntary Leave Transfer Program and Emergency Leave Transfer Program
  • Family Medical Leave Act - 12 weeks unpaid leave
  • Paid Parental Leave


Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program