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Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative

Helping veterans and their families get where they're going

Our nation is tremendously grateful for the sacrifices America's armed forces and their families are making every day, and the Obama Administration is committed to giving them the opportunities and support they have certainly earned.

The U. S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration (FTA), launched a new initiative to help ensure that getting a ride to work, day care, or to a medical appointment is no longer an obstacle for veterans or their families. The Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative will award grants to local transportation providers and other groups around the country so they can better coordinate and deliver important transit information through "one-call" or "one click" centers.

All too often, our veterans face serious transportation challenges at home. Approximately 4 in 10 veterans live in rural areas where affordable transportation options are often limited, and where it's necessary to travel great distances to receive medical care, reach employment centers, and access other services to which they are entitled.

Expanding Options in Rural Areas

Our veterans and their families deserve convenient, ready access. One-call and one-click centers are a proven way to solve that problem. This initiative will help create, expand, or upgrade those centers across the nation. With just one phone call or visit to a friendly website, military families can learn about the availability of commuter van services that travel to employment centers, vehicles equipped with wheelchair lifts that can provide rides to a local rehab center, or buses that stop by the local mall. Helping to deliver that mobility to America's veterans and their families is a mission the FTA is proud to undertake. Military families and veterans must be able to take full advantage of the transportation resources in their communities."

Quote from Secretary Lahood on importance of transportation for veterans

Last updated: Friday, February 20, 2015