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DOT Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program


Two-year program to attract Federal services outstanding talent from a variety of academic disciplines and career paths who have a clear interest in and commit to, excellence in the leadership and management of public policies and programs.


  • College/university must meet OPM’s accreditation requirements.
  • Students must complete a master’s or doctorate level degree during the current academic year – August 31
  • Students are nominated by their schools to compete as PMF Finalists
  • Citizenship:
    • Eligible to work under U.S. immigration laws. PMFs must possess U.S. citizenship by the conclusion of the 2-year fellowship, and
    • Eligible for and pursuing U.S. citizenship or appointed by a Federal agency permitted by that agency's appropriation act or agency-specific statutes to hire and pay non-citizens.
  • Applications are accepted annually (usually by October timeframe).

Agency Commitments

  • Administrative reimbursement fee to OPM for each PMF
  • One FTE per PMF
  • Monitor PMFs progress in completing established requirements throughout the 2-year period.
  • Certify with agency Executive Review Board (ERB)
  • Convert PMF into a non-competitive position
Fellows are appointed at the GS-9, 11 and 12 (or equivalent) level based on qualifications.
Agencies may appoint each class of PMFs from March to March of the next year.
Hiring Process:
PMF finalist resumes are available to agencies for review in March. Managers contact PMF Finalist and conduct interviews.
Selection Process:
Once eligible, students must go through an online and in-person assessment with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).
Appointment Type:
2-year excepted service appointment. Once the Executive Review Board has certified that the PMF has successfully completed all requirements the PMF is converted to a non-competitive permanent appointment.

If you have been nominated as a PMF finalist through OPM, please consider a PMF highly-rewarding opportunity with DOT. 

More Information

For information on the DOT PMF program, visit: PMF Agency Contacts

Updated: Friday, February 27, 2015
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