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Counter-Trafficking Posters

Raising public awareness is a key component of DOT's work with stakeholders, so the Department provides print-ready posters for the transportation industry.  The posters can be tailored to each partner with their logo.  We request that users sign the TLAHT pledge to utilize the posters. 


FMCSA Motorcoach Counter-Trafficking Poster     MOTORCOACH

DOT TLAHT Passenger Vehicle Counter-Trafficking Poster With Hotline     PASSENGER VEHICLE

DOT TLAHT Passenger Vehicle Counter-Trafficking Poster Blank Reporting     PASSENGER VEHICLE
     (blank reporting section for local resource)

DOT TLAHT Rail Counter-Trafficking Poster With Hotline     RAIL

DOT TLAHT Rail Counter-Trafficking Poster Blank Reporting

     (blank reporting section for local resource)

FMCSA Large Truck Counter-Trafficking Poster


FMCSA Convenience Store Scene Counter-Trafficking Poster     TRUCK / CONVENIENCE STORE


Emergency 911
National Human
Trafficking Hotline
Text INFO or HELP to
BeFree (233733)
Homeland Security Investigations Tip Line 866-DHS-2-ICE


Sign up for TLAHT news and events.



Suspected Incidence of Human Trafficking

Assistance & Information
National Human Trafficking Hotline

Law Enforcement
DHS’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement