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2012 Outstanding Students of the Year

Martin M. Barna
San Jose State University
The Mineta Institute

José E. Bernardo
Georgia Institute of Technology
Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise and Emissions Reduction (PARTNERS)

Kelly Bertolaccini
University of Connecticut
New England Regional Transportation Center - Region 1
Center for Transportation and Livable Systems
NOTE: Kelly is a dual award winner – her own UTC at UCONN and the Region 1

Jeremy Bonifacio
California State University – Long Beach

Brandon Stallone Bortz
Kansas State University
Kansas State University transportation Center

Jamie Boydstun
Mississippi State University
Center for Intermodal Transportation for Economic Competitiveness

Amy Caravetta
University of Florida
Southeastern Transportation research, Innovation, Development, and Education Center (Region 4)

Wesley Cook
Utah State University
Utah Transportation Center

Kristina Currans
Portland State University
Oregon Transportation research and Education Consortium

Gabriela DiFrancisci
University of California – San Diego
FAA Center of Excellence for Joint Advanced Materials and Structures

Stephen Edwards
University of Memphis
Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute

Jenny Elyard
West Virginia University
Rahall Transportation Institute

Daniel J. Fagnant
University of Texas – Austin
Southwest Region University transportation Center (Region 6)

Tyler Feralio
University of Vermont
University of Vermont Transportation Research Center

Charlotte Frei
Northwestern University
Center for Commercialization of Innovative Transportation Technology

Cyrus Dalton Garner
University of Arkansas
Mack-Blackwell Rural Transportation Center

Alexa Hollinshead
Hampton University
Eastern Seaboard Intermodal Transportation Applications Center

Zahid Hossain
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma transportation Center

Aleksandar Jovanovich
Youngstown State University
YSU Center for Transportation and Materials Engineering

Robert M. Kluger
University of Virginia
Connected Vehicle/Infrastructure University Transportation Center

Mindy Laybourne
University of Delaware
University of Delaware Transportation Center

Taylor Lochrane
University of Central Florida
National Center for Transportation Systems Productivity and Management

Trevor J. Looney
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Center for Transportation Infrastructure and Safety

Yeganeh  Mashayekh
Carnegie Mellon University
Technologies for Safe and Efficient (T-SET), University transportation Center

Christopher Mazzotta
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT)

Eric Morris
University of California – Los Angeles
University of California Transportation Center (Region 9)

Geoffrey M. Morrison
University of California – Davis
UC Davis Sustainable Transportation Center

Daniel Moser
University of Wisconsin – Madison
National Center for Transportation Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education

Christina Nzekwe
Morgan State University
National Transportation Center for Transportation Management, Research and Development

Piotr Rachtan
University of Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts Transportation Center

Ted Reinhold
The Ohio State University
NEXTRANS Center (region 5)

Vivek Shah
University of New Orleans
Gulf Coast research Center for Evacuation and Transportation Resiliency

Abhishek Singhal
City College of New York
University Transportation research Center (Region 2)

Joshua D. Swake
Oregon State University
Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium (PacTRANS) (Region 10)

Kyle Taniguchi
University of South Florida
National Center for Transit Research

Li-Wei “Chris” Tung
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Mid-America Transportation Center (Region 7)

Chris Van Dyke
University of Kentucky
Multimodal Transportation and Infrastructure Consortium

Gema Vinuales
University of Rhode Island
University of Rhode Island Transportation Center

James Wong
Georgia Institute of Technology
National Center for Transportation Productivity and Management

Jonathan S. Wood
University of Utah
Mountain Plans Consortium (Region 8)

Aaron Zimmerman
George Mason University
Center for Transportation and Economic Development

Ismail Zhody
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Thomas D. Larson Transportation Institute (Region 3)

Jason Zottola
University of Alaska – Fairbanks
Alaska Transportation Center

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