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The Rights of Small Entities To Enforcement Fairness and Policy Against Retaliation


The DOT has a policy regarding the rights of small entities to regulatory enforcement fairness and an explicit policy against retaliation for exercising these rights.  Our operating administrations have circulated this information to their regulated entities through several means, which may include their Internet Web sites, rulemaking documents, inspection handouts, guidance materials, pamphlets, and information materials disseminated to trade associations.  The policy is as follows: 

Your Rights to Enforcement Fairness

Our objective is to ensure a fair regulatory enforcement environment.  If you feel you have been treated unfairly or unprofessionally, you may contact the specific agency’s representative.  You also have a right to contact the Small Business Administration’s National Ombudsman at 1-888-REGFAIR or regarding the fairness of the compliance and enforcement activities of this agency. 

Policy Against Retaliation

The Department of Transportation strictly forbids retaliatory acts by its employees.  As such, you should feel confident that you will not be penalized for expressing your concerns about compliance and enforcement activities.