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Small Entities

This page shows Department of Transportation content pertaining to a specific tag. If you cannot find what you’re looking for on this page, please use the search box in the top right of our website.

Resources for Small Entities

We encourage small entities to review a variety of resources provided on this Web site to help you obtain information about DOT rulemakings. 

Rulemaking Requirements Concerning Small Entities

The DOT has posted on this Web site a document that provides a brief summary of the Rulemaking Requirements affecting the rulemaking process in DOT.  Small entities interested in learning more about these requirements may want to review the document, which also contains links to the various...

Effects of Rules on Small Entities

While safety considerations do not always permit us to provide relief to smaller entities, we are aware of small entity concerns and try, where possible, to accommodate them.  In some cases, we have no discretion under our governing statutes to exempt small entities from our requirements....

Small Entities

This section of our Web site is particularly intended to provide small entities with information to help them effectively participate in DOT's rulemaking process and implement any final rules that apply to them.