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List of our team members
Willis A. MorrisOSDBU Director
Lee TomlinsonManagement Analyst
Financial Assistance Division
VacantFinancial Assistance Division Manager
Short Term Lending Program
VacantShort-Term Lending Program Manager
Bonding Education Program (BEP)
VacantBonding Education Program Manager
Procurement Assistance Division
Leonardo San RománProcurement Assistance Division Manager (Acting)
Randall NossamanSmall Business Specialist/Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Advocate
Edens DuphresneSmall Business Specialist
Brittany YoungSmall Business Specialist/Woman Owned Small Business Advocate
Regional Assistance Division
Michelle HarrisManager, Regional Assistance Division & Women and Girls in Transportation Initiative (WITI)
Steronica Dunston Mattocks Program Analyst
* Denotes Non Federal
Small Business Transportation Resource Centers (SBTRC)
Mizan Rahman*Executive Director, Central Region SBTRC
Tammy Armond*Project Director, Central Region SBTRC
Vacant*Project Coordinator, Central Region SBTRC
Roberto Escalante*Executive Director, Great Lakes Region SBTRC
Gabriela Garcia*Project Director, Great Lakes Region SBTRC
Jacqueline Reyes*Project Coordinator, Great Lakes Region SBTRC
Rick Ortiz*Executive Director, Gulf Region SBTRC
Tony Arps*Project Director, Gulf Region SBTRC
Diana Flores*Project Coordinator, Gulf Region SBTRC
Della Clark*Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Region SBTRC
Tiffany Spraggins-Payne*Project Director, Mid-Atlantic Region SBTRC
Kareema Abusaab*Project Coordinator, Mid-Atlantic Region SBTRC
Joseph (Joe) Jackson, Jr.*Executive Director, Mid-South Atlantic Region SBTRC
Jewanna Helmsetter*Interim Project Director, Mid-South Atlantic Region SBTRC
Tamara Diaz-Matosas*Project Coordinator, Mid-South Atlantic Region SBTRC
Linda Mellon*Executive Director, Northeast Region SBTRC
Elizabeth Perdomo*Project Director, Northeast Region SBTRC
Amalia Maribel Hernandez*Project Coordinator, Northeast Region SBTRC
Patrick Pierce*Executive Director, Northwest Region SBTRC
Lily Keeffe*Project Director, Northwest Region SBTRC
Alicia Marselina*Project Coordinator, Northwest Region SBTRC
Kaye Gantt*Executive Director, South Atlantic Region SBTRC
VacantProject Director-DC Metro Area
Alyssa Mako*Project Director/Coordinator, South Atlantic Region SBTRC
Teddie Laing*Executive Director, Southeast Region SBTRC
Adriana Clark*Project Director, Southeast Region SBTRC
Carlos Villanueva*Project Coordinator, Southeast Region SBTRC
Pat Fong-Kushida*Executive Director, Southwest Region SBTRC
Tanya Motta*Project Director, Southwest Region SBTRC
Sheylla HadayatProject Coordinator, Southwest Region SBTRC
Earl Lee*Executive Director, West Central Region SBTRC
Joseph Serna*Project Director, West Central Region SBTRC
Keller Hayes*Project Coordinator, West Central Region SBTRC
Leonard Smith, Jr.*Executive Director, Northern Plains Region SBTRC
Gordon Jackson*Project Director, Northern Plains Region SBTRC
Luke Lee*Project Coordinator, Northern Plains Region SBTRC
Updated: Friday, September 21, 2018
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