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About Us

Our Team

List of our Team Members

Name Title
Tyra Redus OSDBU Director 
VACANT OSDBU Deputy Director
Thomasine Johnson Executive Staff Assistant
Lee Tomlinson Management Analyst
Sam Boyd Manager, Access to Capital Initiative
Gordon Everett, Jr (Detailee) Public Engagement Specialist 
Procurement Assistance Division
Leonardo San Román Procurement Assistance Division Manager 
Mandy Wylie Senior Small Business Specialist
Natalie Rosa Small Business Specialist/8(a) & HubZone Program Advocate
Edens Duphresne Data Scientist 
Regional Assistance Division
Peter Kontakos Regional Assistance Division Manager 
Steronica Dunston Mattocks  Lead Program Analyst
Lynn Bailey DBE Program Analyst
Magen Elenz Program Analyst, Bonding Education Program Manager
Teena Curry Program Analyst
VACANT Program Analyst
Small Business Transportation Resource Centers (SBTRC)
Maura Downs* Executive Director, Central Region SBTRC

Venus Martz*

Project Director, Central Region SBTRC
Britney Howard* Project Coordinator, Central Region SBTRC
Jaime Di Paulo* Executive Director, Great Lakes Region SBTRC
Mia Mendez* Project Director, Great Lakes Region SBTRC
Hilda Rodriguez* Project Coordinator, Great Lakes Region SBTRC
Rick Ortiz* Executive Director, Gulf Region SBTRC
Tony Arps* Project Director, Gulf Region SBTRC
Diana Flores* Project Coordinator, Gulf Region SBTRC
Iola Harper* Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Region SBTRC
Tishaenah Lewis* Project Director, Mid-Atlantic Region SBTRC
Kate Robinson* Project Coordinator, Mid-Atlantic Region SBTRC
Joseph (Joe) Jackson, Jr.* Executive Director, Mid-South Atlantic Region SBTRC
Beth Barner* Project Director, Mid-South Atlantic Region SBTRC
VACANT* Project Coordinator, Mid-South Atlantic Region SBTRC
Linda Mellon* Executive Director, Northeast Region SBTRC
Lizbeth Rodriguez* Project Director, Northeast Region SBTRC
Mahajuba Banu* Project Coordinator, Northeast Region SBTRC
Eric Fitzgerald* Executive Director, Northwest Region SBTRC
Chaune Hurt Fitzgerald* Project Director, Northwest Region SBTRC
Robbin Calloway* Project Coordinator, Northwest Region SBTRC
Alyssa Mako* Executive Director, South Atlantic Region SBTRC
Nicole Gye'Nyame * Project Director, South Atlantic Region SBTRC
VACANT* Project Coordinator, South Atlantic Region SBTRC
LaToria Brent* Project Director, D.C. Metro Region
Beatrice Louissaint* Executive Director, Southeast Region SBTRC
KyShun Nicholas* Project Director, Southeast Region SBTRC
Catherine Timothee* Project Coordinator, Southeast Region SBTRC
Pat Fong-Kushida* Executive Director, Southwest Region SBTRC
Karen Nelson* Project Director, Southwest Region SBTRC
Elizabeth Merced* Project Coordinator, Southwest Region SBTRC
Earl Lee* Executive Director, West Central Region SBTRC
Joseph Serna* Project Director, West Central Region SBTRC
Keller Hayes* Project Coordinator, West Central Region SBTRC

* Denotes Non Federal