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Florida Multimodal Freight Network Tables

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Routes
StateRoute NumberStart PointEnd PointLength (Miles)Begin MilepostEnd Milepost
FLS913CRANDON BLVDU14.740.004.73
FLS94867th AveS1122.661.173.82
FLS948MP 0S1122.661.173.82
FLS997MP 0U270.1014.1414.25
Interstate, US Route and State Route Total2,266.61n/an/a


StateRoute NumberStart PointEnd PointLength (Miles)
FLSA1  A--0.29
FL22ND ST--0.15
FL45TH ST--0.00
FL4TH AVE N--0.21
FL5TH AVE--1.30
FLNW 106TH ST--2.21
FLSW 137TH AVE--1.52
FLSW 152ND ST--2.19
FLW 21ST ST--0.91
Urban Streets and Miscellaneous Ramps Total21.04
Total Freight Network Routes2,287.65

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Intermodal Connectors
StateFacility IDFacility NameFacility DescriptionLength (Miles)
FLFL20RParsec(North) - MiamiHialeah Expressway/SR 934, NW 72nd St, NW 74th St, NW 69th Ave: from both SR 826 and Okeechobee Rd to port entrance0.86
FLFL19RParsec Miami/Parsec Automobile TerminalNW 36 St.(NW67 to SR826),  NW 67th Av.(SR948 to NW25), NW 25th(SR826 to NW67)2.59
FLFL18PPort of MiamiAlong 1st Ave--2nd Ave--NE 6th St--NE 5th St--Port Blvd: (Port entrance to I-395 and I-95)3.43
FLFL17AMiami Internationall AirportNW 37th Ave, NW 21st SSt, NW 42nd St Ave, LeJeune Rd: from (south ramp of SR 836@NW 37th and south ramp of SR 836@NW 42nd) to (Entrance at NW 42nd Ave and 21st St)1.46
FLFL42RParsec - West Palm BeachPalm Beach Lakes Blvd/CR716, US 1, 15th St: from I-95 ramp to Parsec at Henrietta Ave2.64
FLFL13ADaytona Beach Int'l AirportMidway Ave. (Entrance to US 92), International Speedway Blvd/US 92 (Midway to I-95)4.37
FLFL24AOrlando-Sanford AirportLake Mary Blvd (SR 417 to Airport property)1.76
FLFL11RCSX Intermodal - OrlandoAtlantc Ave--Landstreet Rd--Boggy Creek Rd--E and W ramps to SR 528--Jetport Dr ramp (CSX entrance on Alantic Ave to SR 528)2.21
FLFL33PPort of TampaMaritime Blvd, 22nd St, N 21 St: from I-4 ramps to Port entrance at Pier 2193.40
FLFL10AMelbourne Intl AirportUS 192/New Haven Ave--Airport Blvd--NASA Blvd (I-95 to airport entrace at Eddie Allen Rd)6.19
FL12_FL13A-Midway Ave. (Entrance to US 92), International Speedway Blvd/US 92 (Midway to I-95)1.82
FLFL22TMetroRail Government CenterNW 1st St, NW 1st Ave, NW 3rd St, NW 3rd Ct: from I-95 ramps to Metrorail entrance0.76
FLFL34AGainesville Regional AirportNE/NW 39th Avenue (Entrance to I-75)10.28
FLFL3APensacola Regional AirportAirport Blvd (entrance to Davis Hwy), Davis Hwy (Airport Blvd to I-10)3.91
FLFL12AOrlando International AirportBoggy Creek Rd (Entrance to SR 417)2.47
FLFL39AFt. Lauderdale International AirportSW 4th Ave (Perimeter Rd/Cargo area to SR84/SW 24th St)0.79
FLFL32ASt. Petersburg/Clearwater AirportSR 686/Roosevelt Blvd, Ulmerton Rd: from I-275 to Airport entrance3.97
FLFL31RCSXT Bulk Intermodal FacilityPritchard Rd, Sportsman Club Rd: from I-295 to CSX entrance0.98
FLFL2PPensacola SeaportAlong Chase St--Bayfront Pkwy--Barracks St--9th Ave (from I-110/Chase St to port; from port to I-110/Gregory St)1.83
FLFL28PJacksonville Port Authority20th St Expressway, Phoenix Ave, 21st St, N Talleyrand Ave: from I-95 to north entrance4.62
FLFL27RNorfolk Southern Yards - JacksonvilleSR 111/Cassat Ave, Edgewood ave, Edgewood Dr: from I-10 to Yard property3.82
FLFL26AJacksonville Intl AirportSR 102/Airport Rd: from I-95 ramps to Airport entrance2.51
FLFL15PPort CanaveralGeorge King Bl (Port to A1A), Dave Nisbet Dr (George King to SR 528), SR 528 (Dave N. to SR 401)9.48
FLFL45AVero Beach Municipal Airport26th St. (Airport Dr. to 43rd), 43rd Ave. (26th to SR 60), SR 60 (43rd to I-95)6.93
FLFL25RParsec Florida East Coast Railroad -JacksonvilleUniversity Blvd/SR109, Phillips Hwy/US1, J Turner Butler Blvd/SR202: from (I-95@Unversity Blvd and I-95@J. Turner Butler Blvd) to Parsec entrance2.81
FLFL49PPort of Panama CityAvenue "D" (US 98 to Port gates)0.13
FLFL6PPort of Palm BeachAlong SR 708--SR 710---45th St Exit--Congress Ave (From I-95 ramps and SR 708/SR 710 along Congress Ave and SR 710 to port entrance)6.16
FLFL5PPort Everglades - Fort Lauderdalebranching from 1st connector: from SR 84/S Andrews Ave southerly along NE 7th Ave and Eller Dr to southern port entrance5.45
FLFL52RUceta Intermodal Yard CSX FacilityUS41/N 50th St, Broadway/CR574, 62 St: from (I-4 ramp #84) to (8th Ave at Yard entrance)2.28
FLFL48AWatson Island Intl. Sea Plane AirportMacArthur Causeway (Sea Plane Base to I-395)1.07
FLFL4ATallahassee Regional AirportCapital Circle SW (Entrance to I-10)6.11
FLFL7PPort ManateePiney Point Rd. (Dock St. to US 41), US 41 (Piney Point to I-275)4.62
FLFL46PPort of Fort PierceSR 70, US 1:  from I-95 east ramps to Port entrance6.05
FLFL44PPort of FernandinaDade St (Entrance to 8th), 8th St. (Dade SR A1A), SR A1A (8th to I-95)14.65
FLFL9ASarasota/Brandenton Intl AirportUniversity Pkwy (I-75 to airport entrance)6.84
FLFL51RIntermodal Rail Transport YardSR 580, Hillsborough Ave, Anderson Rd:  from Hoover St to Yard entrance2.51
FLFL43ANaples Municipal AirportNorth Rd (Terminal to Pulling), Pulling Rd. (North to Pine Ridge), Pine Ridge Rd (Pulling to I-75)7.06
FLFL1APanama City Bay County Intl. AirportLisenby Ave (Airport Entrance to SR 30A /15th Street)2.30
Connector Total151.11

Highway Multimodal Freight Network STRAHNET Connectors
StateFacility IDFacility NameFacility DescriptionLength (Miles)
FLMIL_FL11P2-FL 573 N to FL 600, FL 600 N to I-2755.66
FLMIL_FL1P1-FL 401 S to FL 5282.20
FLMIL_FL8P1-I-95 to FL 105, FL 105 E to Blount Island Terminal1.53
FLMIL_FL9P2-FL 397 N to FL 85, FL 85 N to I-1018.64
FLMIL_FL7P1-FL 173 N to FL 296, FL 296 E to US 90, US 90 N to FL 297, FL 297 N to I-1015.00
FLMIL_FL6P1-FL 101 S to FL A1A, FL A1A S to FL 10, FL 10 W FL 9A, FL 9A N to I-295 and I-959.86
FLMIL_FL4P1-US 17 S to I-2953.03
FLMIL_FL3P1-AVE D N to FL 16 W to FL 225, FL 225 NW to US 301, US 301 N to I-1026.49
FLMIL_FL2P1-S Patrick Dr S to FL 404 W to FL 509, FL 509 W to I-954.28
FLMIL_FL12P2-US 98 N to CR 2327, CR 2327 N to US 23112.33
FLMIL_FL10P2-US 98 E to FL 85, FL 85 N to I-1012.16
Connector Total111.16

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Border Crossings
StatePort IDCrossing Name

Multimodal Rail Freight Network Routes
StateRoute Miles

Top Ports - Total Tonnage
StatePort NameDomestic TonnageForeign Tonnage ImportForeign Tonnage ExportTotal Tonnage
FLTampa, FL21,701,8145,764,6004,940,13632,406,550
FLPort Everglades, FL9,852,9608,329,9693,520,01121,702,940
FLJacksonville, FL6,744,6747,309,9912,416,94316,471,608
FLMiami, FL134,9583,624,9133,365,4707,125,341
FLPort Canaveral, FL522,3392,671,156143,9443,337,439
FLPort Manatee, FL22,6911,430,2851,282,8372,735,813
FLPanama City, FL882,513736,776907,5352,526,824
FLPalm Beach, FL631,307348,9811,149,8942,130,182
FLPensacola, FL743,83537,20970,657851,701

Top Ports Total Container TEUs Loaded
StatePort NameDomestic TEUs Loaded InboundDomestic TEUs Loaded OutboundForeign TEUs Loaded ImportForeign TEUs Loaded ExportTotal TEUs Loaded
FLPort Everglades2,01224,757306,505365,399698,673
FLPalm Beach0036,548107,474144,023
FLPanama City0017,51618,30935,825
FLPort Manatee006,3904,09710,487
FLFernandina Beach007034,0214,724

Tonnage Shipped
StateTotal TonnageDomestic Tonnage Shipped to StateDomestic Tonnage Shipped From StateDomestic Tonnage Shipped IntrastateForeign Tonnage Shipped to StateForeign Tonnage Shipped from State
FL 93,925,45238,493,9596,528,943614,55830,274,60818,013,384

Marine Highways
FL M-10 CorridorThe M-10 Corridor includes the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, and connecting commercial navigation channels, ports, and harbors. It stretches from Brownsville, TX to Jacksonville and Port Manatee, FL and includes Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. It connects to the M-49 Corridor at Morgan City, LA, the M-65 Corridor in Mobile, AL, and the M-55 in New Orleans, LA.Corridor
FL M-95 CorridorThe M-95 Corridor includes the Atlantic Ocean coastal waters, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and connecting commercial navigation channels, ports, and harbors. It stretches from Miami, FL to Portland, ME and spans 15 states. It connects to the M-87 Connector and the M-90 Corridor near New York City; and the M-64 Connector at Norfolk, VA.Corridor

Domestic Waterway Routes
StateRiver NameLength (Miles)

Cargo Airports
StateLocation IDCityAirport NameT-100/T-100(f) Market Destination (lbs)T-100 RankAll Cargo Landed (lbs)All Cargo Rank
FLMIAMiamiMiami International2,121,225,26636,847,177,3005
FLMCOOrlandoOrlando International183,955,06328698,556,76532
FLTPATampaTampa International93,933,77546374,054,40460
FLFLLFort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale/Hollywood International90,026,88749446,326,31046