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Careers that Move America

The U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the Under Secretary, is actively seeking passionate and talented professionals to join our team implementing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. These careers actively move the needle in creating safe, equitable and resilient infrastructure.

You can apply to all available positions at DOT on USAJOBS.

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Highlighted In Demand Positions

Transportation Policy Analyst

Responsible for developing and implementing transportation policies and programs and providing technical guidance on regulations, policies, strategic planning and coordination of programs and affiliated initiatives and activities.


Conducting analysis to identify emerging trends in transportation and in broad social, economic, safety, environmental, technological, or national security areas related to transportation.

Community Planner

Involves community planning and developing the art/science of planning to apply to communities such as urban or rural neighborhoods, villages, Indian reservations, cities, counties, regions, States, or the nation.


Involves research into economic phenomena, analysis of economic data, and the preparation of interpretive reports; advice and consultation on economic matters to governmental officials and private organizations or citizens.

Grants Manager

Work involves the management, award, and/or obligation of funds for grants, cooperative agreements, and other related instruments and services using financial, administrative, business and negotiation procedures; the competitive or non-competitive evaluation of grants proposals; and/or the administration or termination, and/or closeout of grants.

Environmental Protection Specialist

Environment Protection Specialists advise, manage, supervise, or perform administrative or program work relating to environmental protection programs (e.g., programs to protect or improve environmental quality, control pollution, remedy environmental damage, or ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations).