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Arkansas Multimodal Freight Network Tables

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Routes
StateRoute NumberStart PointEnd PointLength (Miles)Begin MilepostEnd Milepost
ARI30AR/TX LineI40142.890.00142.88
ARI40AR/OK LineAR/TN Line284.460.00284.43
ARI530U65 BI3047.150.0047.15
ARI540AR/OK LineU7180.860.0080.91
ARI55I40AR/MO Line69.750.0069.74
ARU49  BU63  BU63  B1.680.001.68
ARU61I55MP 3.7460.153.603.75
ARU63I55U63  B39.350.0039.35
ARU63  BU63  BJonesboro8.040.108.13
ARU65 BI530Milepoint 1.971.976.508.47
ARU71AR/LA LineAR/MO Line16.880.0016.88
ARS367U167MP 0.330.320.000.33
ARS549U71AR/TX Line37.620.0037.74
Interstate, US Route and State Route Total815.06n/an/a
StateRoute NumberStart PointEnd PointLength (Miles)
Urban Streets and Miscellaneous Ramps Total0.05
Total Freight Network Routes815.11

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Intermodal Connectors
StateFacility IDFacility NameFacility DescriptionLength (Miles)
ARAR10PIntermodal Loop DrFrom I-440 (exit 5): S 0.27 mile on Fourche Dam Pike, NE 0.76 mile on Lindsey Rd, E 0.43 mile on Industrial Harbor Dr, S 0.20 mile on Slackwater Harbor Dr, E 0.40  mile on Intermodal Loop Dr to entran2.00
ARAR11RRed Cross RdFrom I-40 (EX 275): N 1.23 miles on SH 118, W 1.76 miles on Red Cross Rd, N 1.09 mile on Kuhn Rd to the intermodal terminal4.89
ARAR12RPort RdFrom US 65B access ramps: E 0.10 mile on 2nd Ave, N 0.11 mile on Nebraska Ave, NE 3.04 miles on Port Rd, NE 0.30 mile on Emmett Sanders Rd4.28
ARAR13LCentral Airport RdFrom I-440(EX 10): W 0.98 mile on US 70, N 0.90 mile on Central Airport Rd1.73
ARAR16LSouth LoopFrom I-40 (EX 280): SW 0.66 mile on Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr, S 0.10 mile on SH 38 (MLK,Jr. Dr), S and SW 2.44 miles on South Loop, N 0.20 mile on S 8th St3.41
ARAR17PSH 59From I-540 (EX 3): SE 0.48 mile on SH 59, S 0.15 mile on Port Rd2.00
ARAR18RJames Mill RdFrom I-55 (EX 14): E 0.71 mile on Co. Rd. 4, S 1.38 miles on Hwy 772.05
ARAR19RSH 18From I-55 (EX 67): E 6.54 miles on SH 18 to Nucor Yamato Steel Mill6.36
ARAR1ASH 264From I-540 (EX 76 - Wagon Wheel Rd Interchange): W 5.8 mi, NW 2.1 miles on new location, NW 2.1 miles on new location to SH 2647.31
ARAR20RSH 247From I-40 (EX 88): S 0.18 mile on SH 363, S 1.07 mile on Pine Ridge Rd, S 1.05 mile on new location for the proposed Russellville Bypass, W 4.92 miles on SH 247 to proposed complex entrance rd7.29
ARAR21RUS 278From US 425:  W 5.1 miles on US 278 to location of proposed intermodal facility5.52
ARAR4ARogers AvFrom I-540 (EX 8): SE 1.03 mile on SH 22 (Rogers Ave), S 0.61 mile on 74th St, W 0.50 mile on new location (Outer Loop Rd)2.14
ARAR7RBethany RdFrom I-40 (EX 157): SE 0.49 mile on SH 161, W 0.92 mile on Bethany Rd1.15
ARAR9AAirport DrFrom I-440 (EX 3): N 0.41 mile on Bankhead Dr, NE 0.83 mile on Airport Drive, N 0.40 mile on Temple St1.38
Connector Total53.33

Highway Multimodal Freight Network STRAHNET Connectors
StateFacility IDFacility NameFacility DescriptionLength (Miles)

Highway Multimodal Freight Network Border Crossings
StatePort ID Crossing Name

Multimodal Rail Freight Network Routes
StateRoute Miles

Top Ports - Total Tonnage
StatePort NameDomestic TonnageForeign Tonnage ImportForeign Tonnage ExportTotal Tonnage
ARHelena, AR2,231,739002,231,739

Top Ports Total Container TEUs Loaded
StatePort NameDomestic TEUs Loaded InboundDomestic TEUs Loaded OutboundForeign TEUs Loaded ImportForeign TEUs Loaded ExportTotal TEUs Loaded

Tonnage Shipped
StateTotal TonnageDomestic Tonnage Shipped to StateDomestic Tonnage Shipped From StateDomestic Tonnage Shipped IntrastateForeign Tonnage Shipped to StateForeign Tonnage Shipped from State

Marine Highways
ARM-55 CorridorThe M-55 Corridor includes the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers from New Orleans, LA, via St. Louis, MO, to Chicago, IL, through Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, and Illinois. It includes connecting commercial navigation channels, ports, and harbors. It connects to the M-90 corridor at Chicago, the M-40 Connector at Napoleon, AR, crosses the M-70 Corridor at St. Louis, MO, and meets the M-10 Corridor at New Orleans, LA.Corridor
ARM-40 CorridorThe M-40 flows alongside Interstate-40 in Arkansas and Oklahoma and includes the Arkansas, Verdigris and White Rivers. It flows from the Port of Catoosa, OK to the Mississippi River (M-55) near Napoleon, AR.Corridor

Domestic Waterway Routes
StateRiver NameLength (Miles)

Cargo Airports
StateLocation IDCityAirport NameT-100/T-100(f) Market Destination (lbs)T-100 RankAll Cargo Landed (lbs)All Cargo Rank