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DRC Handbook Chapter 3: Concept of Operations


Much of DRC’s success lies in the ability to provide reasonable accommodations to employees in a consistent and timely manner while addressing individual needs.  DRC supports the OAs in achieving employment, advancement, and retention goals while assisting the Department in meeting its responsibilities under the Rehabilitation Act.

The Department of Transportation’s policy and procedures for providing reasonable accommodations are defined in DOT Order 1011.1, “Procedures for Processing Reasonable Accommodation Requests by DOT Job Applicants and Employees with Disabilities,” (the Order). The Order defines the supervisor as the decision- maker for reasonable accommodation requests.  DRC is a partner in the process when the type of accommodation being requested falls within the scope of products and services that DRC provides. It is important that supervisors or others processing reasonable accommodation requests involve the DRC as early as possible in the process to help ensure that the timeframes for processing requests can be met by the Agency.

Accommodation requests that fall outside of DRC’s scope of operations will be referred to the OA Disability Program Manager.  The OA can then decide how best to resolve the accommodation request at the Agency level. See Chapter 11, “Services Outside the Scope of the DRC,” for a description of services not funded by the DRC.

Last updated: Monday, October 19, 2020