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The DOT Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides sign language interpreting as a reasonable accommodation to DOT employees and job applicants with disabilities. There is no additional charge to Operating Administrations for this service.

The DRC will provide interpreters for one on one or small group meetings in which a Deaf employee or applicant participates. It will provide interpreters for internal ceremonies and events (such as all hands meetings and award ceremonies) that will be attended by Deaf employees. Additionally, the Center will provide interpreters for training courses attended by a Deaf employee if the training vendor does not provide the needed accommodation.

DRC also provides interpreting services for some events hosted by DOT that are intended for the general public. These events can include public hearings and other public meetings.

Requests for Individual Employees - DC Headquarters

All requests for sign language interpreters will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Five days notice is requested whenever possible. This notice enables the DRC to seek and pay for the services of another vendor if the current DRC provider is unable to meet the need. However, if multiple requests for the same time slot cannot be accommodated, the first-come first-served rule will apply.

Request an Interpreter

To request a sign language interpreter, contact the DOT Disability Resource Center (DRC):

Phone: 202-366-6242

Please see the Interpreting Request Procedures document for information on how to request an interpreter from the DRC Interpreting Services office. (Note: This document is in Microsoft Word format. If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer, please download the Microsoft Word Viewer.)

Additional Documents

Please see these additional documents for requesting interpreters:

The DRC Interpreting Office is located at W56-425 in the DOT Headquarters building. Interpreting services may be scheduled daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Interpreters may be reserved in advance for times other than those listed above on an as-needed basis. Every effort will be made to accommodate each request, subject to the constraints noted above.

To complete and confirm a request, the location of the meeting or event and point of contact information is required.

When requesting interpreting services, please describe the:

  1. Nature of the discussion
  2. Duration of event
  3. Type of sign language used by the Deaf individual.

These details will allow the DRC to provide the most appropriate interpreter. To ensure maximum availability of service, the requesting office is responsible for providing notification of a cancellation as soon as it is known that the service will not be required.

Requests for Events, Training Courses, or Large Meetings for DOT Employees - DC Headquarters

Depending on the number of participants and break-out sessions, events, conferences, trainings, and Departmental programs may require a number of interpreters. Therefore, requests for interpreters should be made as soon as the date and time of the event have been determined, with a minimum of five working days' notice in advance of the event or meeting. There is no guarantee that services requested on short notice (less than 5 business days) can be filled.

If DRC interpreters are not available, the DRC staff will attempt to procure services through a commercial vendor.

The requesting office is responsible for notifying the DRC of cancellations at least three working days prior to the interpreting event or meeting. This will help the DRC reassign interpreting services to other individuals or events.

Events Being Videotaped

Please inform the DRC if the interpreted event or program is being videotaped. We must secure the interpreters' permission prior to the videotaped assignments. Videotaping an interpreter and transmitting his/her on-screen image in a "bubble" or "picture in picture" formats is not an effective accommodation and is not supported by the DRC.

Interpreting Services Outside the Washington, DC Area

The DRC funds interpreting services for DOT employees throughout the country for on either a one-time basis or to fill a continuing need. Organizations with a recurring need for services may request the DRC's support in establishing on call agreements with local interpreting services. The interpreting service guidelines outlined in this document also apply to DOT locations throughout the United States. Because interpreting services may be difficult to obtain in some areas, we would appreciate as much additional notice as possible.

To ask about sign language interpreting services provided by DRC, please e-mail your questions to

Updated: Tuesday, July 12, 2016
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